Xiaomi IH Smart Home Electric Rice Cooker 3L alloy cast iron IH Heating pressure cooker multicooker kitchen APP WiFi Control


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IH Rice Cooker 3L
Detailed parameters
Xiaomi IH 3L Smart Electric Rice Cooker With Smartphone APP WiFi Control 220V-50HZ IH Heating 3000+ Cooking method
IH surrounded by electromagnetic heating
PFA titanium powder coating
More than 3000 kinds of cooking rice automatic matching
Every meters have different features, general steps can be cooked rice cooking, but not delicious. After repeated tests, we have accumulated more than 3000 kinds of cooking rice, using a mobile phone APP scans the bar code on the packaging can automatically match, let every meters the mistresses, sweet and delicious.
From the soft to the full, who can make a good a bowl of rice
Intelligent control technology, let you can according to different preferences to adjust grain degree of hardness and softness. For friends from afar custom a moderate soft waxy rice, even the novice, kitchen also can do that easily.
Before coming off work to start the rice cooker, home can taste the warm rice
Rice home IH cooker connected wi-fi, m home APP allows you to control rice cooker cooking anytime and anywhere. As soon as I come home from work before start the rice cooker, can eat to the rice is delicious. Automatic heat preservation function, even if 24 hours apart soft rice is still warm.
IH surrounded by electromagnetic heating
Want to let the beef crisp rotten delicious uniform flavor? IH surrounded by electromagnetic heating technology can do that easily. When the magnetic field lines through the pot body, the tank directly even fever, maximum power of 1100 w for crude fiber gradually tender beef, along with the top of the rice cooker insulation board, heating the beef in the pot to 360 °, even occasionally.
Gently wake, concise do not disturb
Implicit LED interactive panel, interactive information only appear when you exhale. Accompanied by melodious bell, cooked rice, wakes up early in the morning every pleasure. Simple, gentle, do not disturb.
Easy to clean, easy and simple
Can remove the cover within the hive and make cleaning after a meal is very simple. Built-in broken bubble also will be generated when the cook bubble breaking, prevent hot soup overflowed the pot.
Both hot and passionate, calm and relaxed
New thermal design make the air flow at the bottom of the rice cooker more fluent and natural. This not only can effectively for the electromagnetic coil heat dissipation, can lengthen the service life of the whole rice cooker.
Even rice ladle, to be delicate
With the rice cooker with spoons and carefully made improvement, not only the higher quality food grade PP material, and also on the back to join the shoes design, every time after the rice you can rest assured of the ladle on the desktop, need not worry rice stick table, more need not worry rice contaminated.
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