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Wireless Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder Locator for Purse Wallet Keychain Tracker with One Touch Find for Kids Finder Alarm Tag

Product Description:

Introducing the ultimate solution to your everyday misplacement woes – our cutting-edge Wireless Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder Locator! This remarkable device is a game-changer, featuring a purse-friendly design and advanced technology that makes it easier than ever to keep track of your essentials.

With just one touch, you can easily locate your misplaced keys, wallet, or purse – and even your little ones – thanks to the smart tracker and finder alarm tag. No more fumbling through your belongings, wasting precious time and energy on the hunt for your must-haves.

And the best part? Our Q246-For iPhone Model is the latest and greatest version of our product, specially designed to seamlessly integrate with your iPhone without the need for an app download. Simply use your Find My app on your iPhone and let our Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder do the rest!

For those with our X58/X91 model, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too! With a quick and easy app download, you’ll be ready to experience the full range of features that our innovative product has to offer.

Upgrade your life today with the Wireless Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder Locator – the perfect addition to any busy, on-the-go lifestyle!

Please note: Q246-For Iphone Model is our new version, it only works for iPhones, no need to download the APP, can use it directly with Find My APP on Iphone.

X58/X91 model needs to download the APP.

Wireless Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder Locator for Purse Wallet Keychain Tracker with One Touch Find for Kids Finder Alarm Tag

Introduction of nut anti-lost device

1. The Blue tooth anti-lost device is an ultra-low-energy high-performance product, using the international top low-energy Blue tooth chip, the low-energy Nordic chip solution developed by Nordic Semiconductor; Blue tooth protocol: BLE4.0 power consumption is very small, normal One battery can stand by for one year;

2. The Nut anti-lost device has made a quality inspection report, CE FCC ROHS certification; the equipped battery also has UN38.3, SDS certification, overseas air and sea transportation are possible;

3. It is not a GPS locator, does not have GPS real-time positioning function, and cannot track moving targets. It only records the disconnected location when the anti-lost device is disconnected from the mobile phone, that is, the location where the item is lost, narrowing the scope of your search.

4. Android phones can bind 4-6 anti-lost devices at the same time, and Apple IOS phones can manage 12 at the same time. A Nut anti-lost device can only be bound to one mobile phone account at the same time, and it can be bound to other mobile phones only when it is disconnected and contacted.


How does it work and how to use it

1. Download the app: search and install the app “”freely find”” in the app store, and search for “”NUT”” for foreign customers.

2. Register a new user: open the app and click “”register now””;

3. Turn on Blue tooth: To use Nut, you need to turn on the Blue tooth of your mobile phone and keep it;

4. Bind the Nut patch: Open the APP, click the “”+”” icon in the upper left corner, and select “”Bind Blue tooth Anti-Loss Device””. Then put Nut within 10cm of the phone, press and hold the button on the front of the Nut patch for 3 seconds to turn on the phone. After hearing the boot prompt, select and click the searched Nut patch in the App to bind it.

5. Bound items: The Nut patch can be hung on key rings, wallets, shoulder bags, school bags, suitcases and other items through a lanyard;

6. APP protection: To use the Nut anti-lost device normally, the App must stay in the background and run continuously. Please check the software settings of the phone manager, power saving assistant, guard, etc., and set the “”free search”” APP to not be cleared or added to the white list;

(Android system mobile phone APP setting guide: open the APP–click the “”+”” sign in the upper left corner–click the “”anti-lost reminder permission setting”” at the bottom)—to ensure that the settings take effect, please restart the phone one by one after the settings are completed;



How to unbind and delete

“”After the Nut anti-lost device is deleted when it is connected to the mobile phone, the anti-lost device can be paired with a new account;

Deletion method: open the APP → click on the “”anti-lost device icon”” → click on the “”3 small dots or settings button in the upper right corner”” → click on “”delete or untie””.


►【KEY FINDER WITH APP FOR PHONES】The key finder is connected to the phone via Blue tooth and Nut App. It supports for iOS and Android phone. The item finder has one touch find, anti-loss and place record function. Keychain finder, wallet finder, bag finder and even phone finder. The key finder locator will help you not waste time searching for stuff.►【ONE TOUCH FIND】The key finder that makes noise helps you find misplaced items quickly; Double-click the button on the wireless key finder to make your phone ring and find your mobile phone quickly.►【ANTI-LOSS FUNCTION】The smart key finder and mobile phone stay connected via Blue tooth. In the Alert mode, once out of Blue tooth connection range, the key tracker and mobile phone will make noise that reminds you of your items.►【KEY FINDER LOCATOR WITH SIRI SHORTCUT】A highlight of this new version key finder is Siri Shortcut. Just say “”Siri, find my key”” to make the key finder ring if you have a ios phone. The Nut App will remember the location of the last blue tooth disconnection on the map, which will provide clues for you to find the lost items.►【LONG BATTERY LIFE & SUPPORT】Come with an extra replacement battery CR2032 (another battery in the key finder), each battery can be used for 10 months. We provide technical support. If you have questions about key finder, feel free to let us know.











Q246-For Iphone

About this item

  • ►【Key Finder Works with Apple Find My App】The key finder is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and App. Size: 1.5inX1.5inX0.28in. It supports for iOS (iPhone or iPad) . The key finder locator will help you not waste time searching for stuff.

  • ►【One Touch Find】The key finder that makes music helps you find misplaced items quickly; Click the “Play Sound” on the App to make your key finder ring and find anything quickly.

  • ►【Long Battery Life & Support】Come with 1 extra replacement battery CR2032 (another battery in the key finder), each battery can be used for 10 months.

  • ►Note: Supports for Apple iOS Only (Find My APP); System: iOS 14.5 or Above. Please check whether Find My App has “Items” option. If there is no “Items” option in Find My App, Please update iOS system. How to Add Device:Step1,Long Press The Device Button for 5s, turn on the device; Step2,Open Find My App,Tap “Items” —> “Add Item” —> “Other Supported Item”


X58, Q246-For Iphone, X91

Ships From

China, United States, SPAIN, Russian Federation


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Wireless Mini Anti-Lost Smart Key Finder Locator for Purse Wallet
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