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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Account with Free Tier, 12 months

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– Amazon Web Services (AWS), free tier for 12 months. – You can take advantage of the free level resources for 1 year. – Account will be mail verified, phone verified, etc. – Account will be in EU, USA, or SE Asia regions (we will specify). – This kind of account is known to be VERY sensitive, you must use it with strict attention. – YOu agree that you will not create more than 3 servers, one server per day, waiting 48 hours since delivery. – You agree that you will not activate more than one service region per day. – You agree that you cannot activate servers more significant than 8 GB in ram or more than 4-6 CPU units. – You agree that you must access the account with a connection from the indicated country. – You understand if you do any of the above, the account is at high risk of suspension and we are not responsible. – The account used correctly with 3 no more than 3 servers created slowly can last a long time. – We provide a username, password, mail to access, and information for safe access. – We provide screenshots certifying the account’s correct functionality at the time of delivery. – Once you log in you will change the password immediately and the mail after some hours, like 12. – We require you to change the email after waiting 12 hours to complete the account ownership passage. – After you change the email you agree that the account is only yours and no refund / no replacement is given. – If you have problems logging in, you will provide a video or screenshot detailing the issue, and we will assist. – We cannot accept disputes if you have a problem creating a first server that is too large (the account is suspended). We warn you about the limits to follow. – You are buying and using at your risk, you agree that AWS is A FRAGILE and SENSITIVE kind of cloud account. – Delivery will be in 24/28 hours after the payment, and usually very quickly.


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(AWS), Cloud Account with Free Tier
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Account with Free Tier, 12 months

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