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Badoo: social network for friendly encounters


Between work and daily routine, very few people find time to devote themselves to friendships. Most then focus on professional links.

However, it is important that everyone, outside of the working world, has relatives with whom they can have fun and have fun. Social networks are channels through which this goal can be easily achieved.

Among the arsenal of social platforms, Badoo stands out for its own characteristics and the quality of the services offered. In this post, we will come back to some of the features that make Badoo one of the best social networks.

Why use Badoo?

Why use Badoo
Why use Badoo

Badoo has been launched since 2006 and has almost 450,000,000 subscribers around the world.

At the same time, an average of more than 300,000 people register there every day.

So it gives you access to a very large community.

By basing your search on the geographic area of ​​your choice or your area of ​​interest, you can easily make new acquaintances.

This platform, exclusively dedicated to meetings, promotes the rapprochement of people who register by exchanging messages, photos and videos. Badoo also offers the option of having a paid account.

This option prevents your profile from becoming overloaded. In general, social media users are faced with unwanted visitors.

If you don’t have a paid account, you can keep one that’s free while rewarding certain specific offers.

What’s new in the latest version of Badoo?

Application updates are used to make it more interesting to use. For example, a recent version makes it possible to correct certain errors and add other functionalities. The more options there are, the more attractive these technologies are. This is also the case with Badoo, which is regularly updated. The latest is version 5.300.1 from January 05, 2023.

So it made it possible not only to correct certain bugs, but also to add certain options. The latter mainly concerns confidentiality, convenience and transparency. All of this is done with a view to providing a high-quality user experience to Internet users.

Badoo developers, in particular, have integrated a new artificial intelligence (AI). It blurs unwanted sexual content. Now with the latest version you can also date remotely through the video chat option.

Which operating system is Badoo compatible with?

You can use Badoo with your small screens as well as with your computer. For the mobile application, it is suitable for smartphones and tablets with the Android 5.0 system or any other later version. It is free to download in PlayStore. As for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, they will be able to have it in the AppStore if their devices have at least iOS 12.0.

In addition, fans of big screens can choose the web version from their computer. Whatever your operating system (Linux, Windows, MAC…), you can access the Badoo platform with any browser. Make sure you have an internet connection.

What are the best alternatives to Badoo?

The field of online dating is certainly not unexplored. In addition to general social networks that can also be used for this purpose, specific dating platforms are legion. The main idea remains the same for all these designers: a mobile application and also the ability to access it directly with a web browser.

However, it is important to remember that many dating platforms focus on romantic relationships. On the other hand, Badoo focuses a bit more on creating simple friendly links.

Badoo Competitors

Badoo is part of a very full universe. So there are competing applications that offer the same services with a few nuances. Take the example of Tinder whose usage principle is very similar. Indeed, the idea is to connect people who meet a certain set of criteria.

Likewise, AdopteUnMec is one of the platforms that competes with Badoo when it comes to dating sites. Its operation remains a bit special in the sense that it is completely free for women. On the other hand, men who want to benefit from the same services have to pay an amount.

Bumble, meanwhile, offers one special space for both friendly encounters than professionals. As for Meetic, which is also one of Badoo’s competitors, it presents a simple interface that will immediately seduce you. For all those who are looking for true love, they can register there.

Elite Single like Badoo offers the possibility of friendly, but also romantic encounters. It is very similar to Badoo. In addition, Happn could be added to the list, even if the principle is slightly different. With the latter you meet people within a radius of up to 250 meters. People with the application in this radius can exchange and schedule appointments.

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