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a new electric pick-up for less than 30,000 euros with 610 km of autonomy


Radar Auto, a brand of the Chinese group Geely (Volvo, Lotus, etc.), has just started production of its RD6 electric pickup, a model that retails for less than €26,000 in China.

If almost all segments rely on one or more electric models in manufacturers’ offerings, that of pick-ups lags behind somewhat. Their size and customer usage are obvious reasons for the time it can take to electrify them, but as evidenced by the new Ford F-150 Lightning or the GMC Sierra EV, all pickup manufacturers will must comply.

The cheapest electric pickup on the market

There’s also a new kid arriving in the electric pickup universe. Her name ? The RD6, a model of the Radar Auto brand. This brand is not known in Europe, which is quite normal at the moment, since it is not marketed there. On the other hand, the group that owns it is quite well known, as it is Geely, which owns shares in the capital of Mercedes, Volvo, Polestar and Lotus.

Radar Auto has therefore just launched reservations for its RD6 for China, and the price is particularly attractive as it starts from 180,000 yuan (approx. €26,000), or deducted the price of a Peugeot e-208 with us in intermediate finishing and bonus. However, be careful, as electric car prices are very different between China and Europe, as we recently studied in an article.

Range up to 610 km

Despite its reduced price, the RD6 benefits from all the features of a true pick-up, starting with generous dimensions. The car is 5.26 meters long, 1.90 meters wide and 1.83 meters high. The Radar RD6 is based on the Zeekr 001’s SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform. Two- or four-wheel drive configurations to be announced.

All technical data are not yet known, but we already know that the RD6 is equipped with a 200 kW (272 hp) electric motor and has a maximum fast charging capacity of 120 kW. Range of 120 km in 15 minutes. The 0 to 100 km takes about seven seconds.

Three battery sizes are offered, although they are not detailed. We know that it will be an NCM battery (Ni55) with three levels of autonomy: 350 km for the base version, 550 km for the “standard range” model and 610 km for the “long range” derivative. These ranges are approved by the Chinese CLTC cycle, the less strict equivalent of our WLTP mixed cycle in Europe. It is therefore necessary to take away about 15% of autonomy in order to fall back on European values.

The model is equipped with 12 driver aids, including adaptive cruise control, front collision warning and rear collision warning. There is also a two-way V2L charging with a maximum power of 6 kW that allows to charge other objects (electric bicycles, electric scooters, etc.).

this pickup, mainly aimed at the leisure side and slightly less utilitarian, is not yet planned for the European market. But its arrival could happen very soon, especially since this type of all-terrain model aimed at leisure is on the rise in the old continent. Even though the price will certainly not be the same as in China, it should still be more interesting than a Ford F-150 Lightning or a Tesla Cybertruck.

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